Thursday, August 16, 2007

Today's Progress

Ok, I finished the back and one front piece yesterday and tonight I finished the left front piece and started the sleeves, I am going to challenge myself and maybe get the sweater finished this weekend, I will keep my fingers crossed :-)


Sangita said...

I have a question about the back piece. When the pattern says to continue in even stocking stitch until the armholes measure 7 inches, does she mean seven inches from the first row of decreases, or 7 inches from the first row AFTER the decreases?

If that makes sense.

Also - would love to join this KAL!

Courtney said...

It means 7 inches from where you started the armhole, so say if you needed to knit for 4" and then start the armhole and knit for 7" from armhole, you could in theory knit 11" from cast on and that would be an easier way to measure..

Hope that helps

P.S. if you would like to join you can send me an email or give me your email address and I can add you