Friday, August 17, 2007

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Hi there!

My name is Nessa and I am from the Napa California area. I have already knitted the back piece of the sweater, and am casting on for the sides tonight hopefully.

I think knitting both sleeves at the same time is a great idea!!

It is so funny that you are from Sonora, my dad and stepmom and family all live in Sonora!! We were there last weekend in fact. Such a small world!!

I am knitting my sweater in Peruvia in the tobacco colorway. It is a really gorgeous brown color, I think it will be perfect for fall!!

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Courtney said...

Welcome Nessa :-) Nice to meet you :-) we only live like a couple hours apart :-) If you are down this way or I am up that way, we will have to get together. So where in Sonora do your parents live? My family lives in Crystal Falls