Friday, August 17, 2007

Hi Everyone!

This is my first post. I have been wanting to post, but I was having some trouble logging on. All resolved and onto the Tilted Duster talk!

I am really enthusiastic about this project. I have been in a serious knitting funk and I was getting a little worried. I am usually really jazzed about knitting, with tons of projects going at one time, but I kind of just came to a stand still a couple of months back and really lost interest in my knitting. Maybe it is just the horrible L.A. heat. I don't know, but it was definitely out of the ordinary. All that came to a halt when I received my new copy of Interweave Knits. I was already looking forward to the mag, since it is Eunny Jang's first issue as Editor in Chief, but I was extra pleasantly surprised when I saw the gorgeous Tilted Duster on the cover. I knew I had to make it....NOW! I have a very, very extensive stash, but I had to buy the perfect yarn for this project. I decided to go with Elann's Peruvian Sierra Aran. It is very similar to the recommended yarn and it comes in some great shades. I bought the Chestnut shade, which is a nice, warm brown with lots of auburn and olive tones in it. It was shipped super quick and I was off and running.

So far, the knitting has been lots of fun. The pattern is written in a very straightforward manners, which I really appreciate. I have finished the back, two side fronts and one sleeve. I am now knitting the second sleeve ( I wish I would have thought to knit two sleeves at once on one circular. ) I can't wait to start on the skirt, but I wanted to behave and follow the pattern. I am sure finishing the whole pattern and then having to go back and knit another sleeve would have been a bummer, so I am sticking to the chronology of the pattern.

I am looking forward to seeing all the pics and reading about everyone's progress. I like to see how one pattern plays out when different people are knitting it with all types of different yarns. I will post a pic this weekend. Hopefully, I will have lots more done.

Thanks for starting this KAL. It really is nice to have someplace to go for questions and to share the experience.



Jennifer said...

I have a question, since you are this far along and I have just completed my swatch. Are the shoulder truly that small or are my shoulders freakishly large? If I am looking at the schematic correctly, for a 36" bust, the shoulders only measure 13"?? How far out do the shoulders go? Maybe I am (she says hopefully) measuring too far?


Courtney said...

So far I have the two fronts and started the sleeves and the shoulders dont look that large to me, but maybe after adding the rib it will be a little bigger, but I am sure that you could cut back on the rib a little bit. I have come across a few problems with the pattern and had to adjust it. Like when you knit the back and stop at four inches like it tells you, and then knit the fronts, if you follow the pattern, you end up with almost 5" before starting the armholes ( as you have seen me complain about before) So my suggestion would be to knit a little more than 4" when knitting the back before starting the armhole, I think the fronts measured at like 4 3/4.. Maybe it was just me, but I had to alter both front pieces.

honeybee33 said...

So, you're getting gauge with the elann Peruvian Sierra Aran? I've been looking for a sub at Knit Picks, but they don't have much in the heavy-worsted-to-aran range. elann is also inexpensive, so I might be able to go with that. Not having handled the Berroco, it's hard to tell.

~ hb33 ~