Friday, August 31, 2007

My first KAL

This is my first KAL and it's been very useful to have read all the previous posts about matching the front and back armholes. I'm doing the duster in Araucania Nature Wool, in a light to medium gray and have just completed about an inch of the skirt. My gauge was exactly correct - so I counted rows for the fronts rather than measure. I don't normally do this - but for this garment it seemed to be more accurate - everything fit perfectly when I sewed up the sides and shoulders. I'm finding that I need to be very careful about finishing details - while mattress stitch worked for the sides it looked horrible at the shoulders, so I used the crochet method at the shoulders. I will try to post a picture at the end of this stage (the skirt). Erika

New Member

I've just joined and am so happy to be a member of this KAL. I bought this yarn, Berroco Peruvia, at Webs when I was on vacation. Because I read a few of your posts I started with the front because I figured I could get the back to match better. I cast on last night and did 4 inches. All the decreases are on the armhole edge, right? I have another question too. I am afraid the diagonal will be too high, on top of my bust. Do you think I could add a few inches to the sides to make the top part longer?
Hope you can help.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yarn's bought!

Hi everyone - I've finally bought the yarn for my 'Tilted Duster' - it's a James C. Brett Denim Aran yarn in a very similar colour to the magazine one, as you can see. I've had to buy something mainly acrylic as I'm one of those unlucky ones who is allergic to wool. I'm hoping that the 20% wool content will be OK, as I'm intending to use it over other clothes. I've just got a 'few' WIPs which I must finish (well, I'll be finishing some of them) and then I can get started knitting this lovely jacket.. Reading all your posts is really helping me to decide what size to knit etc. I'll let you know when I cast on!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Getting Started - Need Advice

Hi Ladies!

I just finished the project that was in line before this one and now I'm ready to get going. I have one concern though -- seems like maybe the model in the magazine is small chested. I saw a photo online of a woman wearing her newly knit sweater. I freaked out. It just didn't look good at all and now I'm starting to question exactly what size I should knit.

Anyone had similar thoughts? How much ease are you all figuring into your garment? It would have been helpful ease guidelines were included in the pattern. I'm hankering to get moving on this, but don't want to spend a lot of time knitting something that isn't going to look good.

I would love to hear your opinions!


Monday, August 27, 2007

Starting over...

Well, I ripped out my first attempt at the Tilted Duster. It just didn't seem right and the arm holes looked WWWWAAAAYYYY too big for the sleeves. There was just no way they were going to fit. I decided to change yarns, too. I was previously knitting with Elann's Peruvian Sierra Aran, which I love, but I thought I would go with something a bit more substantial and I changed to Malabrigo worsted. The color is Pearl Ten. It's a dusty purple/grey. A very unusual color, but I really like it. I bought this yarn at Stitches West in February and have been waiting for the right pattern. I think Tilted Duster is it. Malabrigo is so soft. I just love the stuff. I am trying to be really good and knit more slowly than my last try. I want to follow the pattern to the letter, because I cannot stand the thought of ripping out again. Hopefully, it will all work out this time. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Seaming question

So I've finished the shoulder and side seams, and they went well, but it looks like the two techniques I used on them won't look very good when sewing in the sleeves. Does anyone have a recommendation of how I should sew them in? This is definitely a weak point of mine (it's why I rarely make sweaters).


Well, at the expense of packing for college, I was able to knit my second sleeve yesterday and block it, the other sleeve, the fronts, and the back overnight! Here's what they looked like after I took out the pins (please excuse the poor photos; they're night shots in an already poorly-lit room).

Neither photo really shows the true colors of the yarn; it's a bright burgundy. The yarn is called Pittsburgh by a Dutch (I think! at least the label's mostly in Dutch, with a little French) company. Hopefully I have enough, since I picked it up a few years ago at a yarn shop in Pittsburgh that was closing, and I've never seen the yarn anywhere else (including online). If anyone else has heard of it, please let me know. It's a really nice 40% wool/60% acrylic mix, and it came in gorgeous colors.

My goal is to do all the seaming tonight and get a bit of the skirt done before I go to bed. This pattern really is addictive; I've put off doing so much (still only half packed despite leaving for college tomorrow morning) because I just want to get "one more section" done!

All of your dusters are looking great; I can't wait to see them all finished! :D

Hello Hello

I am patiently waiting for my yarn to arrive and then will have to go on my quest for knitting needles.. I tend to need two sizes less than called for so I think I will sit myself at the yarn shop and swatch, haha. This is my first sweater project so excited and nervous and planning on a lot of ripping back so I don't get disappointed the first time I have to! I am watching the posts here to learn and wow! you all are fast knitters!! LOL and already I see a common problem creeping up with the armholes so I will know to pay close attention.

aka Secret Spindle

Hmmmm should I redo?

So I have the back and the fronts done and in a boredome induced fit from knitting the sleeves, I decided to sew the back to the fronts. I knitted them correctly, with the part under the armholes at exactly 4 inches. The problem is, on the front, doing all the decreases and everything make the part that matches up to it about 4.5 - 5 inches. I fudged it pretty good when I sewed it together, but I mean, it is almost an inch of fabric, so I at least can tell that it isn't quite right.

So should I rip the back and redo it with a longer starting section? Or should I first try to pick up the skirt stitches and see what happens?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I am still working on the sleeves, but I am getting ready to start my decreases for the cap. I hope to start the skirt soon, it has been a slow knitting week. :-(

A start

Hello, everyone! This is the first KAL I've ever joined; I'm excited to see how different and beautiful our dusters will all look! I started mine two days ago, and so far I have both the fronts, back, and one sleeve completed. Today I plan on finishing the second sleeve and blocking everything, so I can sew it up and begin knitting the skirt on Friday.

One word of advice to those who haven't started: pay attention to the directions for the back! Most of the time they say "measure x inches from CO edge," but they do once say "measure x inches from the beginning of the armhole." I missed that before and ended up with a back that was way too small! It seems others have also made the same mistake, so be careful! :D

Not a happy knitter.....

I was so excited to start this project. I was really on a roll...the back, the two front pieces and the sleeves all done. Well, when I went to put the fronts and back together, I realized that the armholes are just gigantic and there was no way this was going to work out. I followed the instructions, but no go. I tried to think of different ways to make it work without ripping out any of my knitting, but there is just no way. So.....I am definitely going to have to rip out the two fronts and probably the back, too. Very frustrating, but I would rather do this right. I am trying to figure out if I screwed up or if the pattern is a little off. I was making the largest size, but I think I may go down a size. Did anyone else have this problem? There was just no way those sleeves were going to fit into the enormous armholes. So.....on to ripping and re-knitting.

Cast on finally - yarn change

Yipee, I finished another knit and so I dared to cast on The Tilted Duster!
After rummaging through my stash in the basement I decided on taking another yarn. Not rose- daughter is not so enthusiastic about a large knit wip, not brown yet, but a dark green melange with some stripes of petrol here and there.
Gedifra Fashion Trend Surprise col 4480, 90m/50g Needles 6mm
It will go with jeans and everything petrol and green in my wardrobe, perfect!

Yesterday in the evening with "The Commitments" on TV, I managed to knit most of the back, after frogging once because size 44 /94 stitches came out way too big!
Size 40 1/2 is better.

Shoulder shaping planned for today...........

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's my turn

To be excited to cast on for the Duster. But first a swatch of some lovely Malabrigo in a wonderful Dusty Rose Color! Weeeeeeeeeee Pics to come soon and Good luck to all!

Kimber out

rip rip

I love this jacket and I thought was a somewhat of an experienced knitter, but I'm not! I must have messed up the front piece panels because as you can see here..they are too big.

one of two sicilian chicks
Ready to start

Hi my name is Denise and I love this duster. I already have my yarn. It's a beautiful red alpaca blend, my favorite color. I can't wait to start it but I'm trying to finish my v-neck sweater first which is coming down the home stretch. I only have about seven inches left on the body and then I have to do the sleeves and collar. Now that I wrote it out it seems like a lot left doesn't it, but I hope to have it done in the next two weeks.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hi - I'm Lynda aka The Holistic Knitter. I live in a small slate mining town in North Wales, in the UK. I am eagerly awaiting my copy of the Fall Interweave Knits, which should be with me any day now. I fell in love with this duster when I saw it on the web, and can't wait to start buying yarn and getting knitting. I look forward to seeing how everyone progresses. You can check out my other WIPs here.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Soon to cast on

Well, I am very excited to be knitting this duster for myself! I bought 3 Cascade Eco in a pretty chocolate brown (color 8085). I've used Eco before for the Hand in Hand vest in the last IK and was very pleased with the feel when it was finished. I am planning to start as soon as I finish my current project (a self-designed cardigan). Drop on over and visit me! I am really looking forward to seeing how all the dusters turn out!!


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Today's Progress

So I didnt knit too much today, only about 4 1/2 hours, but I started the sleeves. I got the ribbing done yesterday and I am 3/4 way done almost with the sleeves. :-) The 3rd picture down is where I stopped. I will work on them some more tonight and then again tomorrow when I meet with my friends to knit. Right now I need to go and set up an Etsy store for my friend so I will talk to you later. :-)


Hi, I am Christiane from Wetter in Germany.
Yesterday I got my copy of IWK Fall and I instantly fell in love with the cover cardigan. Yarn is waiting here beside me........Gedifra Volata Tweed in rose or in brown, I have to choose.......okay rose for daughter and brown for me.
I will start the rose one -in size 36" today after church. See ya!

Friday, August 17, 2007

New Member

Hi there!

My name is Nessa and I am from the Napa California area. I have already knitted the back piece of the sweater, and am casting on for the sides tonight hopefully.

I think knitting both sleeves at the same time is a great idea!!

It is so funny that you are from Sonora, my dad and stepmom and family all live in Sonora!! We were there last weekend in fact. Such a small world!!

I am knitting my sweater in Peruvia in the tobacco colorway. It is a really gorgeous brown color, I think it will be perfect for fall!!


I started the sleeves :-) I am going to knit them both at the same time to make sure that they both are the same length... that could be a problem if they didn't match... :-) LOL I have added about 4 new people to the KAL... I hope we can all get to talking and getting to know each other, it is always fun to meet new knitters. So lets introduce ourselves, where is everyone from??

I am from Roseville California, I grew up in Sonora California, my name is Courtney and I am your host. I am 25 years old and learned to knit when I was 9, I knit off and on through my teens and then started really knitting again when I was 20. I love to knit, it is my passion :-). I have three dogs as you can see on my blog and a boyfriend whom I have been with for 5 1/2 years. I work at a very large Veterinary Clinic a couple towns over and that is about it :-)

New Member

Hi everyone,
My name is Sharon and I am one of the newest members of this KAL. I fell in love with the construction of this duster the second I saw the preview up on the Interweave site. I actually already had some Berocco Ultra Alpaca in my stash and it turns out that it is the same colorway as the Peruvia. You really can't tell from the picture below because my camera doesn't seem to photograph purple that well. It's either has too much yellow or too much blue undertone. In this case it looks more blue than it actually is. It has those great flecks of color too. So I've swatched and cast on now. I'll post some progress hopefully this weekend.

You can stop on over to Chez Knitballs where I chronicle my knitting and other assorted oddities. :-) Always with a little gratuitous snark added in for good measure.

Happy Friday!

Hi ladies!!!

I just wanted to say welcome again :-) I love this sweater and I cant wait to get to know everyone. :-) I hope everyone had a good Friday..... TGIF

Hi Everyone!

This is my first post. I have been wanting to post, but I was having some trouble logging on. All resolved and onto the Tilted Duster talk!

I am really enthusiastic about this project. I have been in a serious knitting funk and I was getting a little worried. I am usually really jazzed about knitting, with tons of projects going at one time, but I kind of just came to a stand still a couple of months back and really lost interest in my knitting. Maybe it is just the horrible L.A. heat. I don't know, but it was definitely out of the ordinary. All that came to a halt when I received my new copy of Interweave Knits. I was already looking forward to the mag, since it is Eunny Jang's first issue as Editor in Chief, but I was extra pleasantly surprised when I saw the gorgeous Tilted Duster on the cover. I knew I had to make it....NOW! I have a very, very extensive stash, but I had to buy the perfect yarn for this project. I decided to go with Elann's Peruvian Sierra Aran. It is very similar to the recommended yarn and it comes in some great shades. I bought the Chestnut shade, which is a nice, warm brown with lots of auburn and olive tones in it. It was shipped super quick and I was off and running.

So far, the knitting has been lots of fun. The pattern is written in a very straightforward manners, which I really appreciate. I have finished the back, two side fronts and one sleeve. I am now knitting the second sleeve ( I wish I would have thought to knit two sleeves at once on one circular. ) I can't wait to start on the skirt, but I wanted to behave and follow the pattern. I am sure finishing the whole pattern and then having to go back and knit another sleeve would have been a bummer, so I am sticking to the chronology of the pattern.

I am looking forward to seeing all the pics and reading about everyone's progress. I like to see how one pattern plays out when different people are knitting it with all types of different yarns. I will post a pic this weekend. Hopefully, I will have lots more done.

Thanks for starting this KAL. It really is nice to have someplace to go for questions and to share the experience.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Today's Progress

Ok, I finished the back and one front piece yesterday and tonight I finished the left front piece and started the sleeves, I am going to challenge myself and maybe get the sweater finished this weekend, I will keep my fingers crossed :-)

All Better

Ok I am all better now, I figured it out it still works out wrong though at the beginning of the decreases, when you are done with the decreases and start the shoulder, it measures almost 5" and it is only supposed to measure 4" so I had to tink back and adjust it a little bit. I hope that everything else runs smoothly not that I have fixed that problem. :-) Hope every ones duster is coming on good. :-) I will post some pictures tonight.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Front Pieces

So am I the only one that is having problems with the right and left front's instructions. If you follow it, by the time you cast on and then do the first 3 rows, the decrease, then *work one row, and then decrease and then work three rows and then decrease* and repeat two times you are at almost 5 inches and then when you start the armhole shaping you are decreasing for the armhole on the same side you were doing the original decreasing. I am very irritated and not understanding how they want you to construct this. Is anyone having this problem or maybe do you have a picture of the front piece not attached to the back that is completed so that I can see if what I am doing is right, because right now I think the pattern must be wrong somewhere.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


So my friend and I planted ourselves in Borders and sat with our Starbucks (that Seattle's Best Coffee tastes HORRIABLE) and knitted for a couple hours, here is my progress so far, I am working on the back right now, almost done, it is weird though because the back I knit looks smaller than the on on the pattern that the girl is wearing, maybe it is because she has the skirt on it and therefore it stretches it a little bit, have any of you noticed this?
Yarn Talk: The yarn I am knitting up is such a nice heather and it is soooo soft, I have never herd of the brand before I purchased it at my LYS but I am very happy I made the choice I did over the super wash, I will have to hand wash this and pray that I dont felt it, but it will be well worth it. If I didn't mention it before, I am using Galaway Hightland Heather. Well I better get back to my knitting and then off to bed.

New People :-)

Welcome to everyone that has joined.... lets see some pictures :-) :-) I look forward to knitting and chatting with all of you.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cast ON

As promised, I finished my gauge and casted on :-). Here is what I have so far, I have about 1 & 1/2 " done of the back, I am using size 10 needles and Galaway HighLand Heather pure wool yarn. It is really pretty and soft. I am using a lighter worsted because it doesnt get that cold here in Roseville Ca. Anyways I am going to knit a little more and then take a shower & go to bed. Ta Ta for now.

Getting Started

Here is what I have don't so far...I am going to start my swatch tonight and then cast on....I am just finishing a little baby Bolero right now and then I will start. If you can't tell by the picture, the yarn is a charcoal color. I think it will go well with jeans, since that is what I wear most often. I also wanted it to be a color that I could wear dressed up as well. So... more pictures to come :-)

Tilted Tweed

I'm Brynne and my blog is All This By Hand. I don't think I've ever started a sweater so soon after receiving IK in the mail! I'm using Rowanspun Chunky that's been sitting in my stash for a while and I had to go down to US 9 to get gauge. I have the fronts and back done, which feels like a wonderful accomplishment, even though they don't account for much of the main sweater body.

I love the little tweedy specks of rust, teal and lime green. I'm sure I'll finish well before it gets cold enough to wear this in Houston. It's actually going to be my winter coat since there's no need for a real coat here. I can't wait to see all the versions that show up on this KAL!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Here is the picture of the duster.


Hello, my name is Courtney, I love knitting! It is my true passion. I enjoy spending time with people and getting to know people who share my passion. I hope that we get to meet a lot of new people during this KAL, it is going to be fun :-) I already have my yarn picked out, which isnt hard considering the fact that I can't stop buying yarn... Yes, my name is Courtney and I am a yarn-a holic.... Well if you would like to join in the fun, feel free to email me ( and I will add you to the blog.

Happy Knitting