Friday, August 31, 2007

My first KAL

This is my first KAL and it's been very useful to have read all the previous posts about matching the front and back armholes. I'm doing the duster in Araucania Nature Wool, in a light to medium gray and have just completed about an inch of the skirt. My gauge was exactly correct - so I counted rows for the fronts rather than measure. I don't normally do this - but for this garment it seemed to be more accurate - everything fit perfectly when I sewed up the sides and shoulders. I'm finding that I need to be very careful about finishing details - while mattress stitch worked for the sides it looked horrible at the shoulders, so I used the crochet method at the shoulders. I will try to post a picture at the end of this stage (the skirt). Erika


Courtney said...

I cant wait to see :-)

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