Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Getting Started - Need Advice

Hi Ladies!

I just finished the project that was in line before this one and now I'm ready to get going. I have one concern though -- seems like maybe the model in the magazine is small chested. I saw a photo online of a woman wearing her newly knit sweater. I freaked out. It just didn't look good at all and now I'm starting to question exactly what size I should knit.

Anyone had similar thoughts? How much ease are you all figuring into your garment? It would have been helpful ease guidelines were included in the pattern. I'm hankering to get moving on this, but don't want to spend a lot of time knitting something that isn't going to look good.

I would love to hear your opinions!



Courtney said...

I have a size 38 bust and I am making the 44 since I want to be able to wear things underneath and so far so good. I wont know until I get the sleeves done and start the skirt.

Nessa said...

I have a 43 inch bust and am making the 44 and it fits over clothes perfectly. I am halfway through the skirt. I actually really like where it hits on my boobs and I wear a 38D.

I figure if when I finish it, if it looks horrible, I will give it to my sister who is super flat chested.

Lisa said...

I think I saw the same pic as you. It seems first that this person did not use 4 buttons as the pattern calls for. 2 buttons are not seen from the outside. The piece also didn't look like it was blocked much yet in the photo. I think that when you knit the fronts and back and sew them together, if you can bring the points together on yourself when you try it on it should fit in the end like it does on the model.

ninjuwat said...

Thanks for the advice. I'm feeling a little more comfortable after reading all of your comments so I'm going to go for it and get started tomorrow.

Lisa - you're right -- there were only two buttons. Good eye! I also think her buttons were placed differently so the front didn't close all the way over.

Pfew! Thanks ladies!

Amanda said...

On Ravelry, Norah indicated that the garment was meant to be worn with 0-2" of positive ease since it would be an outer layer.

I making mine with 1" of ease and in a few days I should have some pics to post of how it fits me.

Amanda said...

Also, the particular garment that you are referring to was knit with negative ease (I think it was 2" but I'm not positive anymore).