Wednesday, August 22, 2007

rip rip

I love this jacket and I thought was a somewhat of an experienced knitter, but I'm not! I must have messed up the front piece panels because as you can see here..they are too big.

one of two sicilian chicks


Erica said...

Nina, I made the exact same mistake yesterday! If you read closely, you'll notice that the instructions say to continue in stockinette for 8 inches from the armhole – I originally measured the 8 inches from the cast-on edge, and it looks like that's what you've done too! Don't worry – just rip back to the row before you split for the neck and continue on in stockinette until you get the correct length. :)

Erica said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm talking about the back piece. Your fronts look perfect! Remember that they fit at an angle to the back piece (i.e. the 4" side and arm holes match up – the bottom will be at an angle!).

Nessa said...

Oh I almost did the same thing but opposite!! On the front parts where it said to knit till the armhole's measured 9 inches, I almost made it so the whole thing was 9 inches. Then I realized that no, it was 9 inches, plus the original 4. :) Luckily they don't take that long to knit because they are small!!

Erica said...

They really ought to use red ink or something for that parts that say "measure x inches from the armhole," I think. :D