Thursday, September 6, 2007

Teal Duster

Aloha everybody! Thanks for having a knit-along! I bought yarn on Saturday and started Monday afternoon, and with the help of a few movies, am knitting right along.

The wool is Galway Highland Heather in a nice teal color (Courtney: Are you using the same wool in grey? Did you get gauge with #10s?)

I am yet another curvy knitter concerned about the empire waist and the diamond over the tummy, so post those photos when you have them! Y'all think it might look like maternity-wear?
Aloha! Kel


Courtney said...

Very pretty, love the color

Erica said...

Empire waists look great on people with curves, so don't worry! Whenever I wear an empire waist dress, about five pounds seem to magically disappear. By the way, the color you chose is gorgeous. :)

Kel said...

Thanks! It is knitting up nicely, but the wool is a little itchy. I washed the swatch with hot water and it softened a bit.