Sunday, September 9, 2007

Second sleeve

I've made quick progress finishing the sides, back and one sleeve in just two nights of work. I started the second sleeve and hope to finish it tonight after the kdis go to sleep. I am torn as to whether to sew the sleeves in before doing the skirt or waiting until the end. This is my evening only project, so I won't be transporting it anywhere. Anyone have any reasons to do it one way versus the other. Just want to be sure I'm not fogetting something! I figure if I can get the whole top assembled, I can try it on for size and fix any issues before starting the skirt. Thanks all!!

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Kel said...

I sewed the fronts to the back, then picked up for the skirt, then did the entire collar. I only have one sleeve done but I am wondering the same thing. Scroll down: One of the posters sewed the sleeves in first. Let's see how hers turns out?