Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Drab, but Done

Well not completely "done". But I can happily say that I did finish the back and fronts.

I had to modify the shoulders a bit. I really hate stair stepping bind offs. They are a total PIA to seam. I tried seaming it and it looked absolutely horrible. Horrible and lumpy!

So I modified them and did a three needle bind off and now the shoulders look quite lovely.

I'm a bit further along than the picture shows. A few rows into the skirt. It's looking very nice. I still need to do the sleeves, but I wanted to work on the ribbing for a little bit.

The Peruvia is very nice to work with too! I was a bit surprised because when my yarn arrived, while it was soft, it was quite fuzzy. I thought it might be too scratchy to work with, but it's working out very nicely. I'd definitely use this yarn again.


Shameka said...

A note about stair-stepping bindoffs.
If you slip the last stitch (don't knit or purl it) before you turn your work to do the bindoff, the bindoff will be a lot smoother, and you won't have those little "bumps". So just remember slip, turn, bindoff. I don't think you will want to rip your whole sweater out, but at least when you do the sleeves, you can use the technique.
I found the technique on Knitting help. It is called the sloped bindoff.

Courtney said...

It is looking very nice :-)