Thursday, September 6, 2007

Le Slog

Hello lovely Tilted Duster folk. I just signed up for this KAL. Here is a slightly outdated photo of my Toronto-based Duster.

knitting 070

To knit the 36" size, I'm using the recommended Berroco yarn in the Granada colourway since it was relatively inexpensive and readily available. I'm really enjoying knitting with this yarn. I love the colour, it is a perfect interpretation of a pomegranate (*yum*).

So far I've made it through the body, both sleeves, and two repeats of the skirt. Cleverly/foolishly enough (the jury's still out), I decided to set the sleeves before starting the skirt since I find it much easier to do so before the side seams have been sewn (it is making the whole skirt knitting thing a little unwieldy though).

I'm beginning to feel as though I may be suffering from a case of the slogs as I work my way through the skirt. I expect that it's mostly a symptom of the cooler weather that we've been having as of late and by extension my growing anticipation to wear the finished product!

I'll try and post an updated photo this weekend.

Happy knitting,


Rachel said...

Amanda, I was thinking of the setting the sleeves before the skirt as well, but am worried about the bulk. Mayeb it has to do with the 90 degree weather today, though!! I love the color!

Kel said...

How is it coming? There are a few of us waiting breathlessly to see if you find any ill-effects from setting the sleeves early. Thanks for being the courageous one!