Saturday, September 22, 2007

An Australian Tilted Duster

Hi everyone,

I have discovered this knitalong by accident and have been invited to post (thanks Courtney for your help). I am doing this along with the Ready Set Knit knitalong, although have charged on ahead and have now done the two fronts and the back, and one sleeve. I have chosen to do mine in the same colour purple Peruvia as the model on the mag, and am pleased to say the colour is different than it looks, but a much better purple. I struck a couple of issues with the back shoulder shaping, but more to do with a brain malfunction on my part I think. All is now on track.

Im also of the opinion that its a little snug, especially in the sleeves. I wont want to be wearing much bulky stuff underneath, but I didnt want it to be big. I have made the 36" and I am a 37" bust. Blocking may help a little, but we will see how it goes. Was everyone else happy with their size and how did their blocking go????

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Rachel said...

I've been really happy with mine. It defintely was a bit more snug before I blocked the ribbing and also wore it a bunch. It fits perfect now!